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Rainbow Six Siege: Steel Wave's TS patch fixes Ace's SELMA

Published: 19:17, 01 June 2020
Updated: 19:26, 01 June 2020
Rainbow Six Siege - Ace
Rainbow Six Siege - Ace

Ubisoft have deployed a small patch for Rainbow Six Siege: Steel Wave Y5S2 Test Server that fixes newcomer Ace's SELMA, tweaks drone spawning on House and a few more.

Of course, we're talking about Test Server changes here so Rainbow Six Siege players who are on live servers won't be affected, but the patch is somewhat of a heads up for the future changes. 

Rainbow Six Siege's newcomer Ace has had some issues where his aquatic SELMA breacher didn't destroy barbed wire on its first explosion, which should be addressed with the patch. 

The other two fixes are also related to the latest additions, although in this case it's about the reworked House map. Defenders will no block reinforceable wall in 2F Car Room if they're AFK at spawn, and the drones will not spawn close to the selected spawn location. 

Ubisoft also acknowledged the infinite loading bug that occurs in the custom online game mode, but until they come up with a fix, Rainbow Six Siege players are advised to restart the game. 

Rainbow Six Siege's community, on the other hand, seems more concerned over the likes of Echo, Mira and Jackal, who can be particularly frustrating to play against. 

Ubisoft Picture of Jackal from Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Jackal

  • FIXED - Defenders can block a reinforceable wall in 2F Car Room of House if they are AFK at spawn    
  • FIXED - Drones do not spawn close to the selected spawn location on House.    
  • FIXED - Ace's SELMA does not destroy Barbed Wire on the first explosion.    
  • FIXED - Various menu/UI fixes.


  • Infinite loading in the custom online game mode only - a temporary workaround is restarting, we are working on a fix
  • Doors and doorframes have extruding surfaces when they should be flat for better consistency
  • Missing sound in support mode and observation tools
  • Defuser can be planted on the edge of the hatch in 2F Master Bedroom of House
  • Operator Models glow lightly when viewed from a distance
  • Shaky weapon sights while ADS when using some Anti-Aliasing settings, optic types, and cardinal camera orientation
  • Players can get onto the white van in Garage of House

You can find the original post on Reddit .

Rainbow Six Siege

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