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Rainbow Six Siege reworks Goyo in the preseason

Published: 16:18, 21 February 2022
Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Ember Rise
Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Ember Rise

Ubisoft announced the planned pre-season changes for Rainbow Six Siege, which include a rework of Goyo's primary gadget.

Two and a half years after the release of Operation Ember Rise, Goyo is in Ubisoft's sights for a rework as the devs announced the planned changes in the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege pre-season.

He will shift from having just two charges of the primary gadget to a total of four but its functionality will be changed drastically. There is no longer a deployable shield involved and the Volcan Canister will simply be attached to the ground or walls where the player places them.

While it no longer has a deployable shield in front of it, the canister does feature a bulletproof casing that will protect it from certain angles. Furthermore, the fire duration will be increased to 20 seconds upon activation, which is double the previous time to expire. On top of that, Goyo will carry four canisters instead of just two, making him a proper replacement for Smoke when it comes to are denial.

Besides the changes to Goyo, Ubisoft has a few other things planned. Melusi's Banshee will open up much faster than before as the attackers can now shoot it just 0.75 seconds after activation.

Thunderbird's Kona Station will heal only operators who are not at full HP and CSRX 300 will now slow Kali down.

Additionally, Valkyrie and Zero's cameras can now be accessed as soon as they are launched by their feeds will only activate when they touch the surface.

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