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Rainbow Six Siege will have reduced Renown costs for Year 3

Published: 15:03, 02 March 2018
Rainbow Six Siege promotional poster showing three SAS operators - Mute, Thatcher and Smoke.
Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege grinding is going to be a lot easier after 6 March 2018. Renown costs for the original 20 operators will be removed for all game editions except for Starter and attachments will be free entirely.

Stepping into Year 3 the game has 36 operators and 8 new ones are planned this season, which will make the total go up to 44. Considering the time necessary to grind up enough Renown for each of them, the game may not look friendly for new players. Therefore, Ubisoft have decided to implement some changes Year 3.

As noted before, the original 20 operators will be free for everyone except the owners of the Starter Edition. They will instead receive six random operators for free, three attackers and three defenders. There is no mention of potential pricing changes for the original operators though, and as it stands they will remain at 12,500 each. 

Ubisoft Promotional image of Rainbow Six Siege showing six of the game's operators - Smoke, Ash, Mute, Sledge, Castle and Twitch Rainbow Six Siege - The free squad

The six operators Starter Edition owners will receive are chosen randomly between Ash, Thermite, Thatcher, Fuze and Sledge on the attacking side and Rook, Mute, Smoke, Jäger and Kapkan on the defender side.  While it's a nice touch, you will still have to grind for weeks if not months just to buy all the 12,500 Renown operators. Then you have the 25,000 ones.

I would still highly recommend players to stay away from the Starter Edition and grab Standard if they want to play. That way you will skip half the grinding and get to unlocking new operators faster. Standard Edition is known to go on sale from time to time and price difference compared to Starter becomes negligible.

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka

It is not excluded however, that more changes will be on their way during the year as Ubisoft have been coordinating with player base well in the past few months which resulted in both The Division and Rainbow Six receiving progression improvements in the future.

But that '' '' sound awfully lot like ''we don't want players to buy a DLC operator from the Renown they would get back''. It would be really nice if Ubisoft didn't try to pull the wool over players' eyes.

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