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Rainbow Six Siege's new operators Finka and Lion are all about offence

Published: 18:14, 19 February 2018
Promotional poster for Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera on a yellow palette.
Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera

Rainbow Six Siege seems to be like fine wine that just keeps getting better and the weekend behind us serves to prove it. On top of The Six Invitational main event, Ubisoft revealed the new operators, Outbreak gameplay and announced free operator unlocks.

Ubisoft is going all out with Rainbow Six Siege - an entirely new co-op game mode with all new resources for enemy units, three new maps, cinematics that add story and character to operators and the upcoming changes based on player feedback all testify to the game's future looking bright.

This weekend was packed with news about the game, starting with the reveal of the game's two new attacking operators - Lion and Finka. These two caused quite a stir in the community due to this being the first instance of Ubisoft not adding at least one defender. This may however prove to be a good decision in order to shake up the meta that was leaning towards favouring the defending side lately.

Ubisoft Promotional image showing the two new Rainbow Six Siege operators - Finka and Lion in their CBRN uniforms. Rainbow Six Siege Finka and Lion

The other concern the players have are Finka and Lion's unique abilities. Unlike Doc, Finka doesn't need to have a line of sight to her downed teammates to revive them, and when she uses Adrenal Surge, it also boosts her allies' speed and recoil control. Lion's ability, EE-ONE-D, will reveal the positions of any moving hostiles. 

Both abilities seem overpowered at first glance, but naturally - there are downsides. Adrenal Surge's boost effects can be removed by Smoke's Gas Grenades and players affected by Adrenal Surge will die quicker in those poisonous clouds due to an accelerated metabolism. Higher heartbeat rates also means Pulse will be able to scan them easier and at longer distances.

Ubisoft Portrait of Rainbow Six Siege's operator Pulse Rainbow Six Siege Pulse

Lion's EE-ONE-D sends out a warning to hostiles three seconds before they get scanned. That is enough time to get into a cover and stop moving. You can safely change your stance and look around without being made. As long as you don't actually move from point A to point B you're fine. If you can't contain your wanderlust, use Mute's jammers. As long as you're moving inside their range you are undetectable.

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