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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion officially revealed

Published: 08:55, 20 November 2018
Picture of Kaid and Nomad from Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Kaid and Nomad

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion is now on PTR, and Ubisoft have offered a full gameplay reveal for both of the operators. One will be a jacked up Bandit, and the other is Smasher from Outbreak, in AK-74-wielding human form.

Kaid is often compared to Bandit due to the similar nature of their devices. While Bandit's Shock Wire electrifies metallic surfaces it comes into contact with, they were easy to locate and destroy by a wide range of means - from Twitch drones, over the good old-fashioned guns, to Thatcher's EMPs.

Electro Claw carried by Kaid serves a similar purpose, but it can be deployed to any surface, so electrifying reinforced hatches is no longer just a dream. They can be picked up and re-deployed at will, and they electrify anything in a small area of effect, which can add to their subtlety. Electro Claws can still be detected by IQ, so it wouldn't hurt to be mindful about them. Another notable difference between the two operators is that Bandit's attributes make him a roamer, while three-armour-one-speed makes Kaid an anchor.

Kaid's primary weapons are AUG A3 and TCSG12. The latter behaves a bit like BOSG used by Korean operators, since they both shoot slugs, but does less damage. On the bright side, TCSG12 has a bigger capacity, allowing Kaid to be slightly more reckless with his aim.

Nomad will be a one-armour-three-speed attacker with a quite fancy arsenal at her disposal. Her Airjab Launcher is a non-lethal displacement tool that will have three charges. Once Nomad shoots an Airjab out, it will either detonate immediately if an operator is next to the point of impact or will stick on a surface and serve as a proximity trap.

Ubisoft Picture of the new map, named Fortress, in Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Fortress

Once activated, the Airjab will knock any operators in radius back, in a similar fashion Smasher did during Outbreak. This makes Nomad great at flushing out any dug-in defenders, as well as dealing with Clash's annoying shield.

Nomad's primary weapons are AK-74M and ARX-200, both resembling Blackbeard's SCAR-H in behaviour. They will deal slightly less damage and shoot faster. ARX-200 does more damage and shoots faster than AK-74M, but has a 20-round magazine, while the latter has the standard 30-round capacity.

You can see more info on wiki pages for both and .

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Glaz, Rainbow Six Siege
Screenshots of Rainbow Six Siege operators.

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