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Rainbow Six Siege nerfs Kali's sniper one-shot potential

Published: 00:26, 26 January 2021
Rainbow Six Siege - Kali
Rainbow Six Siege - Kali

Ubisoft buffed the damage of Kali's sniper rifle but it will lose some of its one-shot potential due to other alterations coming in the next Rainbow Six Siege patch.

Rainbow Six Siege is getting some significant balance changes in patch 4.3 and the developers offered insight into their thought process behind the alterations. 

Kali's CSRX 300 is the target of a mini overhaul as it will get increased damage but nerfs in the one-shot department. The new base damage for the weapon will be 122, up from 97, and will scale down to 97.6 at 35 metres. The previous minimum damage was 78.

This will make her more powerful against light targets but the ones with heavy armour will be able to withstand a single body shot without going down, making it a significant nerf against the anchors.

As for the two-armour, two-speed operators, the things will not change that much unless a specific occurrence happens, which we will touch upon in just a little bit. These operators will still get downed by a single body shot otherwise.

Light targets with three-speed will now get instantly killed by a single body shot which is quite useful against roamers.

However, the special occurrence we mentioned previously is Rook. His armour plates will now work against Kali's sniper rifle. In other words, it will only manage to make light targets go DBNO in a body shot while medium and high armour targets will require two shots.

Rainbow Six Siege

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With the low rate of fire on CSRX 300, this will make her much less potent so it remains to be seen whether this change will actually make it to live servers and how Kali players will take it.

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