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Rainbow Six Siege - Gridlock and Mozzie gameplay revealed

Published: 10:17, 18 February 2019
Picture of Mozzie and Gridlock in Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Mozzie and Gridlock

Ubisoft may have accidentally or intentionally made things go upside down with the two operators from the land down under. Drones are usually controlled by attackers and traps by defenders, but it is the opposite for Mozzie and Gridlock.

Gridlock is the attacking operator in Operation Burnt Horizon. She will have three armour and one speed, making her rather sluggish but her gadget will help impede the movement of the defenders and level the playing field. At the start of a match, Gridlock will get three Trax Stingers, which act like Barbed Wire on steroids.

One could wonder why an attacker would need barbed wire, but Trax works a bit different. Once deployed, it will spread around a large area and pop small spikes whenever an enemy walks of them, dealing damage and slowing them. While Barbed Wire doesn't deal damage, it is also slightly harder to destroy than Trax as the latter takes only one shot per unit in a cluster to be destroyed.

Considering the ground each of the charges cover, as well as the fact that Gridlock can deploy three of them, it's easy to imagine she will be a nightmare for defenders' roaming operators. Caveira might especially have a hard time against Gridlock, as she needs to be closer to her targets than before to effectively take them down.

Meanwhile, the defending Aussie is Mozzie and he can hijack attackers' drones. This is done via his Pest Launcher and he gets three charges, meaning he is likely to capture three drones, provided he notices them. Even if Mozzie misses a moving drone, he can pick up the Pest charge from the floor and try again, or just leave it there and it will latch onto the first drone that comes rolling.

Ubisoft Picture of the new Australian map from Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Outback

One of Mozzie's primary weapons, P10 RONI, will likely remind players of the terror that Ela once was, as it shoots almost as fast and has higher stopping power than the latter's SCORPION EVO. On the flip side, it only packs 20+1 rounds in a magazine.

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