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Radical Heights hits radical lows, 82 per cent players leave

Published: 19:31, 28 April 2018
Boss Key Productions
Players are fighting near an RV and a campfire in Radical Heights.
Radical Heights - At least the guns don't look ridiculously disfigured like in Fortnite.

One cannot help but feel sorry for CliffyB and his Bos Key Productions after hearing that players are abandoning Radical Heights in droves, with 82 per cent of playerbase already gone. Could it be that we'll see a repeat of Lawbreakers?

Radical Heights launched on Steam's Early Access on 10 April 2018 and seemed to be doing reasonably well, just like its predecessor. The game's second day suggested the game's popularity is on the up but the game has been ever since.

Radical Heights' second day was the busiest day for Boss Key, with 12.5 thousand players having a go at CliffyB's new game. Now it seems like it was heavily linked to because numbers quickly dipped and rarely stopped dipping until they reached yesterday's 2.2 thousand. 

In comparison, Boss Key's earlier flop title, Lawbreakers, started in closed beta with a player count of 7.5 thousand. The game's open beta followed one month later but the game's playerbase nearly halved. By the time it launched, two thirds of Lawbreakers went to break laws elsewhere.

Even though it's obvious Radical Heights achieved more than Lawbreakers did, it's not by much and surely ain't enough to warrant continued development. So, even though it's an improvement over its predecessor, Radical Heights still seem to be heading for the pastures.

Radical Heights did seem to be rushed a bit, most likely in an attempt to capitalise on some of the hype stirred up by current battle royale heavyweights PUBG and Fortnite. Nevertheless, it takes much more than just promises to topple any of the aforementioned.

To be fair, CliffyB's game did introduce a few clever concepts into the battle royale genre, such as in-game cash. No, not the microtransaction kind - we're talking about the cash players had on them in Radical Heights. The game even ATMs and maybe it's just me, but Cliffy was onto something here.

Ultimately, unless Radical Heights' popularity doesn't radically change for the better, we may see the game join Lawbreakers on Boss Key's tried-that-doesn't-work shelf.

Boss Key Productions Poster screen for Radical Heights showing two armed contestants. Radical Heights

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