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CliffyB says he's over gaming, blames player toxicity

Published: 12:24, 24 December 2018
Updated: 18:44, 09 January 2019
Boss Key Productions
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Cliff Bleszinski, a.k.a. CliffyB, has already said on few occasions that the likelihood of him returning into the world of gaming is slim, at best, and his latest tweets seem to confirm this as he's adamant his next job is not game related.

"Not game related at all", he wrote before adding, "Cross your fingers for me - this could be a dream gig I've had since [I was] a kid". Naturally, it's strange hearing about another lifelong dream from a man whose name is etched into the gaming industry, but there it is.

That being said, we're no strangers to CliffyB's false alarms, as this is not the first time he's announced leaving gaming altogether. Back in 2012, Cliffy left Epic games claiming he's become bored with the industry, only to come back and found Boss Key Productions in 2014.

One of his fans responded saying how he finds it hard to believe Cliffy's completely distancing himself from gaming, but the man once again reiterated how serious he is in the matter. "Just kinda over it, buddy, honestly. Shit is toxic AF", he wrote.

At this point, it's nigh impossible to gauge just how much of the toxicity CliffyB's referring to comes from the gaming culture itself and how much is down to Boss Key's two attempts and two successive failures in Lawbreakers and Radical Heights. After all, the glory days of Unreal and Gears of War can only last so much. 

As much as we lament the fact that one of gaming's most colourful characters is leaving the scene altogether, we cannot help but find the irony in the manner of both departures.

In case you don't recall, Cliffy's explanation for leaving Epic had him saying, "I hate cynical jaded game developers”, further implying that he was frustrated at how easy it was to shoot his ideas down. Fast forward several years later and some of the "cynical jaded" personnel would've come in handy to shoot Lawbreakers or Radical Heights down.

Twitter CliffyB's tweet where he hints at future non-game related career CliffyB leaving gaming altogether?

You can find CliffyB's tweet over here (dead tweet) but we've captured a screenshot just in case - he does seem to like deleting his tweets a lot.

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