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Radiant Dance Machines are disabled in Destiny 2 PvP

Published: 11:18, 28 August 2021
Destiny 2 - Radiant Dance Machines
Destiny 2 - Radiant Dance Machines

Hunters' new piece of Exotic armour got the boot from Destiny 2 PvP temporarily, surprising no one.

Radiant Dance Machines are the new Exotic pants for the Hunters that lean heavily into their class ability by allowing Destiny 2 's jumpy crew to dodge about six times after performing the action close to an enemy.

Naturally, the players saw the potential here when the Exotic piece is coupled with Distribution and Dynamo, using two copies of each on their respective slots. The result was the Hunters gaining Super energy extremely quickly, sometimes taking less than a minute to fill up the bar from zero to maximum.

As you could expect, this hampered the experience of many PvP players who would be looking at Silence and Squall or Blade Barrage every few seconds, provided more than one RDM abuser was on the opposing team.

This will no longer be happening as Bunge disabled the Exotic PvP entirely and even though it will return in the future, it appears some nerf will be attached to it .

Like the numerous players pointed out, this is not the issue with the Exotic. It's the mods without cooldown that allow for extreme Super charging and putting a few seconds of CD on them would solve the issue entirely.

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