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Rainbow Six Siege's Maverick gets nerfed on test servers

Published: 10:45, 24 August 2018
Picture of Maverick in Rainbow Six Siege aiming his weapon
Rainbow Six Siege - Maverick

Ubisoft have nerfed Maverick, the new operator in Rainbow Six Siege who is not even on live servers yet. Apparently players found him to be too useful, so he got nerfed, along with several other operators, while some were buffed or fixed.

Ubisoft have released a development update on Grim Sky, where the new operator, Maverick, stole the show. The man is still in the works but he's getting nerfed left and right, since someone got carried away and let him have great breaching potential, objective capture ability and is too sneaky for anyone's good.

This last remark is, of course, a reference to his blowtorch which defenders couldn't hear most of the time. This allowed Maverick to pop a murder hole wherever he liked and mow down everything in front of him. Therefore, the blowtorch is going to be slightly louder in the future, but he will retain his breaching potential. He will also have a bit more trouble with barbed wire as the blowtorch will take twice as long to cut through it.

Maverick's smoke grenade has been replaced by stun grenade, as smoke is one of the most valuable tools when placing a defuser or capturing an objective, which made Maverick excel in that field, along with breaching.

Just in case someone is still not sure if these nerfs were called for, it was brought to Ubisoft's attention that Maverick's weapons are also great so it would be fair to decrease his usefulness in at least one aspect of gameplay.

Zofia also got hit, as her launcher will now carry only three concussion grenades instead of four in order to reduce her utility, while Dokkaebi's phone call will likely get a time limit in the future, but this change will not be deployed in Grim Sky.

Ubisoft An artist sniper posing for a portrait. Maybe he painted it himself. Glaz, Rainbow Six Siege

Not everyone got nerfed though, as Clash remained untouched for the moment and Hibana saw some love for her X-KAIROS which now requires only four pellets to destroy a hatch. This way, she will circumvent the bug that required a second volley of pellets to get through a hatch.

Rainbow Six Siege

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Glaz, Rainbow Six Siege
Screenshots of Rainbow Six Siege operators.

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