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Quake Duel Championship qualifiers starting today | Game is still in beta

Published: 13:11, 29 June 2017
Quake World Championships

Quake Champions is still in beta, but that shouldn't stop Bethesda and ESL from starting a tournament for the game with a $1 million prize pool. Duel mode qualifications for Europe are starting today.

Bethesda has announced their Quake World Championship during this year's E3, along with to the champion roster. The tournament will be organised in association with ESL and the first round of European qualifications is starting today at 19:00 CEST.

All you need to participate is Quake Champions beta access, which you can get by asking for it, and an ESL . Here are the dates and qualifier schedules:

  • Duel Qualifier #1 o EU: June 29, July 2 o NA: June 30, July 2
  • Duel Qualifier #2 o EU: July 6, July 9 o NA: July 7, July 9
  • Duel Qualifier #3 o EU: July 13, July 17 o NA: July 14, July 16
  • Duel Qualifier #4 o EU: July 20, July 23 o NA: July 21, July 23

Id Quake Champions Quake Champions

The prize pool is $1 million and anyone who can trust their connection enough not to rage quit at the first sign of latency is eligible for entry.

Why Bethesda would go forward with organising a tournament while the game is still in beta and isn't even on yet is a mystery. Practise is for pussies, as is balance, along with common sense. Money and promotion override any argument that might speak against holding a championship so soon.

Bethesda Animated gif of lady faking a nerdgasm at some quake footage on her screen. Quake Champions - Oh yeah, baby! Gasp at me all promo like!

You can find more info on the circus .

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