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Quake Champions patch introduces new champion, nerfs heavies

Published: 16:31, 19 November 2018
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Quake Champions

Bethesda and id Software have rolled out a hefty patch for Quake Champions, introducing a new champion called Eisen, three new arcade modes, a nerf pass on all heavy champions with an equal buff pass on light ones and a bunch more.

Acording to the lore, Eisen is "a starship captain who's seen more than his fair share of struggles" but didn't foresee the one when the Clutch AI went on a killing rampage against the humans, including his friends and family. So, the new Quake Champions character is now hunting the AI with some robot assistance of his own. 

We're looking at a medium champion sporting 100 of health and just as much armour. His active ability is the sentry turret, which detects enemies and fires warning shots at them. Note that it doesn't deal that much damage - it's more of a detection mechanism and basic deterrent for Quake Champions players.

Eisen is apparently an engineering genius, so id Software made his ability cooldown get shorter by 10 per cent for each light armour collected and 20 per cent for each heavy armour. Needless to say, look for him near armour shards.

The developer has adjusted the damage on all damage dealing abilities, unified cooldowns at 45 seconds and made sure that active abilities disable shooting for 500ms. All Quake Champions abilities now have an explosion radius of 3 meters, while their minimum splash damage is unified at 10. 

All heavy champions have had their max AP decreased from 150 to 125, while overmax AP is down from 225 to 200. At the same time, light champions have had theri max AP increased from 50 to 75, while their overmax AP is up from 125 to 150.

Bethesda Character from Quake Champions standing in a doorway Quake Champions

As they've , id Sofware are freshening up the arcade mode with three new modes - Instagib Classic, which has visor-only and no abilities, Insta Mystery, random champions where active and passive abilities deal insta-damage and Mystery Sacrifice, where players use random champions to capture and defend the obelisks.

You can find the full list of changes in the official Quake Champions patch notes over .

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