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Quake Champions gets a throwback to the maps of old

Published: 18:17, 06 September 2018
Longest Yard, a newly added Quake Champions map
Longest Yard, Quake Champions' new old map.

Bethesda and id Software's shooter Quake Champions has received a hefty update that adds a bottomless QuakeTM map called Longest Yard along with arcade modes, Trespasser shotgun skin and a host of champion balance changes and tweaks.

Yeah, I used QuakeTM because let's face it - if there's anything you can do to make everyone remember one of Quake's best showings through the years, it's the jump-pad maps of old. Well, it appears that Longest Yard is here to fill that void. No pun intended...I think.

Arcade mode is here as well and the dev wrote they have it planned as "a weekly rotation of rule modifiers that shake up how you play Quake Champions in fun, different ways." There will be a total of four modes in September 2018, one every week.

The first Quake Champions mode will be the Unholy Trinity, which is the only mode that disables all champion abilities and lets you use only the rocket launcher, railgun and lightning gun. The Hot rockets mode comes in the second week and as the name suggests, it's rocket launchers only. It's likely to be a rocket-jumping siesta too, since Quake Champions players will be immune to own blasts.

Come third week, Mystery Champion will force you to swap champions each time you're fragged while in the last week of September, Team Instagib will let you lose friends in groups in the one-shot-one-kill mode.

The new Quake Champions patch also brings performance improvements, promising fewer performance spikes and hitching issues, along with FPS increases. The development team also did some improvements on the gore system, which should make it affect the performance less. There have been some changes on the general UI as well, with the Play Now menu boasting a brand new look.

Bethesda A newly added Quake Champions shotgun skin, the Trespasser Quake Champions, Trespasser

As usual, there is a bunch of balance changes on individual champions, most of them being slight nerfs. Quake Champions shotgun lovers should be glad to hear that shotguns and super shotguns have had their rate of fire increased.

You can find the full Quake Champions patch notes .

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