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Quake Champions shaking it up in December, loot boxes going away

Published: 19:23, 05 December 2018
Backpack, Quake Champions' version of loot boxes
Quake Champions, the soon-to-be-former backpack

Bethesda and id Software have decided to shake up the monetisation game in Quake Champions and as of the December update, the game is doing away with loot boxes in favour of the battle pass system, which offers non-random progression.

As of 20 December 2018, Quake Champions will be running battle pass monetisation, where players can purchase their pass for 1,000 platinum, which is $10 in human money. This means the game will officially be starting its Season 1, which is set to last for 3 months.

Note that you can still open any backpacks and chests after the December update, should any remain in your inventory. However, Quake Champions will no longer offer any of them for purchase.

"Reliquaries will still be available for purchase and as rewards, but will not contain any items in the current free Rewards System or the Battle Pass", the company wrote. Every 300 shards will be automatically converted into a chest, while Favor will be converted into backpacks.

Shards will be much more valuable in the new system and they'll be used for unlocking items and characters. The Quake Champions team said there will be 100 tiers of free and premium awards, with ongoing daily and weekly challenges for the fans, where the weekly ones will sometimes give you the new, valuable shards.

Of course, Quake Champions' battle pass holders will be getting more XP and better rewards, as is standard for the monetisation system. The team are promising all sorts of skins, shaders and vanity items for everyone, while battle pass holders are looking at 50 never before seen items and over 200 rewards per season.

The game's rune system is also going away with the December update and any runes you own will be completed automatically, rewards included. Quake Champions rewards specific to runes can be acquired via the champion progression system.

Bethesda Masked and armed character from Quake Champions Quake Champions

This means that general progression in Quake Champions no longer suffers from the randomness factor dictated by loot boxes, which is always a welcome thing. Moreover, the new system will let you skip any duplicate items you come across in your progression and move onto the next item.

You can find the full announcement .

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