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Quake Champions update introduces Season 2 and a ton of features

Published: 15:46, 22 March 2019
Weapons and cosmetics from Quake Champions' March 2019 update
Quake Champions, new weapons above, Vanities below

Quake Champions has received a hefty update that introduces Season 2 of id Software's shooter, adds custom game and PTS for everyone, a truckload of cosmetics, smarter bot behaviour, crosshair size, balance changes and a bunch more.

Quake Champions team has already phased out loot boxes back to ensure proper migration to the Battle Pass model, although there are a few loose ends that the current update ties up. 

For instance, the Champions Pack, which allowed players to buy all the current and future champions has been replaced with a platinum purchase Quake Pack. Loot Box and XB Booster sections have also been removed.

As for the game-related part of the update, Custom game and Public Test Server access are now available to all Quake Champions players on Bethesda and Steam launchers.

Season 2 means that Quake Champions is getting new rewards and store items, starting with two new Vanity Weapons in Flintlock Shotgun and Tesla Lightning Gun, as well as six new Champion Vanities. Community artist Xous54 created the icon pack you see below, which is available in the store.

Quake Champions now boasts expanded Humans vs Bot modes, and the bots got improved once more, this time including abilities. The much-requested crosshair size is finally in too.

As of this update, Twitch drops are resuming normally, except they'll be dropping Shards and Reliquaries and the team cut the logo parade from 4 to 1 scene, reducing the loading sequence.

Daily login rewards are making a return, awarding Quake Champions players with Shards, XP, Platinum and Reliquaries. XP Boosters now give a 200 per cent bonus, instead of just 25 per cent, with boosters, rename tokens and Reliquary 10-packs all getting price cuts.

Bethesda Icon pack for Quake Champions Quake Champions, Chibi icon pack

Quake Champions' maiden season seems to have been a bit over the top though, as id announced that Season 2's level 100 has been decreased to 55 per cent of Season 1's requirements.

The update is quite large as it adds many more improvements, major and minor alike, all of which you can find in the official patch notes .

Quake Champions, legendary game forays into co-op shooters

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Quake Champions, the Molten Falls

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