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Quake Champions brings back bots and The Death Knight

Published: 20:53, 02 August 2018

Id Software's latest update for Quake Champions is bringing back two things - recently removed and now revamped bots and a new champion, an old face from the first instalment of Quake - the Death Knight. However, he seems to be undead now.

As you can see from the the gif below, the dev decided to turn The Death Knight into an undead knight, making him look more like something out of Blizzard's lore than the Quake universe.

The Death Knight is a medium champion with 100 HP and 50/100 AP. His active ability is the Flame Strike, which summons three fireballs that shoot out in spread-fire from your sword, burning your enemies in the process. The Flaming Gauntlet can set enemies on fire and the Death Knight is resistant to fire and lava.

If we were to nitpick, there are still some inconsistencies to the original character, seeing as how was only shooting fire, not being resistant to it. He also shot six fireballs instead of three, although it's understandable why Id changed this up.

Quake Champions bots are back as well, after having been for apparent crude programming. Id is supposed to have fixed them from getting stuck and added some combat behaviour touch ups, including fiddling with player hitboxes that bots target.

Id's patch that reducing bot accuracy granted the team "more control over their weapon handling mechanics." Ultimately, bots are back in custom games and there's a new TDM vs Bots playlist as well.

Quake Champions are going the old Quake way in terms of music as well, with new music by Andrew Hulshult, whom you may know from his chugalicious work on Dusk and Brutal Doom. That's not to say the dev will be booting Chris Vrenna's equally as chugalicious work, it's just that Hulshult will get some promotion time on his own, before both artists continue to grace the game on equal footing.

As usual, there's a bunch of minor changes and tweaks, which you can find among patch notes . The company's got a new Quake 4 Redeemer Gauntlet on display, which is well worth checking out.

Be warned, Quake Champions is a lot more Champions than it is Quake. So, if you are looking to rekindle some old glory, you might as well stick to Overwatch.

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