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PUBG update 30 introduces ledge grabbing and Desert Eagle

Published: 10:39, 20 June 2019
Picture of the new weapon, Deagle, in PUBG
PUBG - Deagle

PUBG's update are getting better and better it seems. The latest one, update #30, brought a new mechanic to the game via ledge grabbing and Deagle, a popular handgun that can be a nightmare even if you have a level 3 helmet equipped.

PUBG's ledge grabbing is a feature that fans were anxiously waiting for and now it's finally here. Players can now grab a ledge up to 2.5 meters in height, relative from the position they were at.

Other than just grabbing ledges from the ground, they can jump across roofs or containers which will look a lot like parkour if pulled off correctly. 

In order to use the new mechanic, players will need to jump or vault just like usual and then continuing to hold the space bar. Alternatively, they can press the space bar mid-air at the right time in order to activate the ledge grab.

Ledge grabbing can be cancelled the same way one cancels vaulting or climbing. Be aware that you can fall to your death this way, depending on how tall the ledge is.

New additions don't stop at mechanics though. Players will have the opportunity to try out the new handgun, Deagle. This is an abbreviation of Desert Eagle, first popularised among the Counter-Strike community.

Deagle will boast 62 damage per shot and according to the official , it will be able to destroy a level 3 helmet in two shots. The gun will feature better muzzle velocity and stopping power than the rest of its peers but it will also have higher recoil.

Oddly enough, Deagle will be considered a .45 ACP weapon as opposed to being chambered in .44 or .50 AE which would indeed provide the impressive stopping power.

Bluehole Picture of Kriss Vector in PUBG PUBG - Vector

The reason behind this is likely convenience since introducing a whole new calibre could bring many balancing issues with it. Finding ammo dedicated for one single gun could potentially be seen as a waste of inventory space, just like finding a gun chambered in rare calibre would.

You can check out the rest of on the official website.

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