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A new game set in the PUBG universe is coming this year

Published: 08:21, 19 January 2021
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PUBG universe is expanding with a couple of new games and it looks like one of them is scheduled to launch by next year on PC and consoles. The details about the project are pretty scarce, though.

A couple of months ago, Krafton announced their plans to work on new games, set in the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds universe. One of these games is Glen Schofield's brand new project, a survival horror game named The Callisto Protocol.

The publisher teased the game at The Game Awards 2020 with a short trailer while the other game, which is currently in development, is yet to be officially announced. This second project, which is under the veil of mystery at the moment, is set to release by next year according to the latest report in Bloomberg.

"But that's all behind Kim now as Krafton prepares to go public. He [Krafton founder Chang Byung-gyu] said he's determined to expand the company's games repertoire beyond its initial success. The company plans to release a new battle royale mobile title this year that will be based on PUBG, another PUBG-related PC and console game by next year and a survival horror game in 2022 that will depict the PUBG universe three centuries into the future," the report states.

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If this mysterious project is indeed set to release by next year, then it won't be long before Krafton officially reveal the game and start with the marketing campaign. 

Anyway, you can read the full Bloomberg's report here if you want to learn more about the company's project and plans.

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