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PUBG Season 5 introduces new weapons and mechanics

Published: 19:58, 23 October 2019
PUBG - Season 5
PUBG - Season 5

PUBG is getting several new treats for the Season 5 update, including a scoped Winchester rifle, throwable ammo and spike traps.

PUBG update 5.1 is live with plenty of new things in attempts to keep things fresh for the players. Survivor Pass: Badlands is live as well but that is not the topic of this article as some other additions deserve the spotlight.

Previously announced Miramar changes are in effect and if you took a look at the header image, you probably noticed the scoped Win94. It features a 2.7x scope that should cater to players' sharpshooting needs rather nicely.

While a new-ish addition to the Win94 is welcome, it is the new mechanics that will most likely grab more attention. More teammate interaction will be available with the update, as players will be able to pass meds and ammo to their teammates. This will either improve teamwork for organised squads or prove to be a salt-rich mine for those with not-so-generous teammates. The supplies can be tossed for up to 15 meters.

Melee weapons can also be thrown now, which should prove to be quite useful in the early game, should an enemy have more luck finding something with range on it.

Furthermore, you can check out the new spike trap in action in the trailer below. Unfortunately, it's the beautiful muscle that got popped in the process.

Update 5.1 is live on PC while console players will have to wait for a few days, until 29 October 2019. While the PC numbers are not anywhere near what they were at PUBG's peak, the game has become the most played one on Steam once again with the boost gained from the update.

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