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PUBG celebrates PGI.S with merch giveaway

Published: 17:39, 04 March 2021
Updated: 17:44, 04 March 2021
PUBG Merch up for grabs
PUBG Merch up for grabs

Krafton folks are celebrating the ongoing PUBG esports event, PGI.S, with a merch giveaway and it's all going to rub off on you, the reader!

PUBG is currently in the middle of a premier tournament,  PGI.S , which is having both online and offline stages, the former being around due to lockdown issues. 

While the esports portion may or may not tickle your curiosity, the part where you can win some sweet merch certainly should. The latest offering from Krafton is a swag box that includes:

  • PUBG Puzzle
  • PUBG Alpaca plushie
  • PUBG Welcome kit that includes sleeping mask, face mask and more

This giveaway will last until the next Tuesday expires in UK, meaning you can enter the raffle until the deadline comes around on March 9, 2021, at 23:59.

How to enter the giveaway

It's rather simple - just go to the embedded tweet below and retweet with the comment "#PGIS 2021 raffle". We will pick the winner randomly after the entry deadline has passed so keep an eye out on March 10 to see if you will be receiving some sweet loot.

Good luck!

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