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PUBG announces $60K PUBG Global Invitational tournament

Published: 16:34, 04 March 2021
PUBG 10.1, Pillar caches
PUBG 10.1, Pillar caches are filled with powerful weapons and gear

PUBG is shifting into overdrive as of late, as Krafton and PUBG Company now announced a $60K Playerunknown's Battlegrounds tournament in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The tournament runs from March 5 to 7, with a total of 32 teams competing in eight groups of four. Best performing players will advance to the final stages with hopes to reach the final four, which is where the prizes are. 

PUBG Company stressed that this is a speciality tournament, which means it has been tweaked for minimum downtime, with shorter Blue Zones and faster-paced matches.

PUBG PGI.S prize pool stands at $60,000, half of which will go to the winning team, so there'll be plenty of motivation to reach the final stretch. 

Note, however, that the results of the tournament do not contribute to the overall PGI.S ranking, as PGI.S is a distinct event. 

Fans are invited to take part in the Pick'Em Challenge and predict the winner, and in return, they'll get some in-game prizes in PUBG.There are also free voting coupons to earn, as well as PGI.S items to be found in the in-game esports tab. 

Speaking of tabs, if you want to help pick up the tab for the tournament, 30 per cent of PGI.S item sales will be going into the PGI.S prize pool.

PUBG Corporation PUBG - Reputation System PUBG - Reputation System

The dev listed the new PGI.S Pick'Em challenge items as:

  • PGI.S VOTER’S PARACHUTE BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S VOTER’S SLR BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S VOTER’S MOSIN NAGANT BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S VOTER’S SCAR-L BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S VOTER’S MINI14 BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons)
  • PGI.S HYDRODIP WEAPON PACK + (11 voting coupons)

PUBG / Playerunknown's Battlegrounds by PUBG Corp and Bluehole

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