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PUBG Pick'Em Challenge PGC 2022: Dates, rewards and other details

Published: 01:25, 03 November 2022
PGC 2022 promo image
PGC 2022 promo image

PUBG Global Championship 2022 will feature rewards for those who are good enough to predict outcomes when it comes to final placement and here are all the crucial details.

PUBG Global Championship (PGC) 2022 saw its start not long after the big balance updates for the new season and the Pick'em Challenge will return once again to provide the fans with the opportunity to grab in-game rewards, should their predictions prove to be correct.

Krafton outlined all the important parts of the process where the competitors will be duking it out for a bigger share of the $2 million prize pool while the observers will have to settle for in-game rewards.

Additionally, purchasing esports-related items from the in-game store will see 30 per cent of the proceeds go towards enlarging the prize pool.

Pick 'em participants can vote for the teams they believe will win in order to earn Esports Points and then exchange them for PGC 2022 gear in the in-game store.

Voting will be open until November 18, 2022, and participants can go for one or both of the two main categories - Pick the Winner and Team Faceoff.

Krafton Shooting from vehicles has been changed with PUBG update 20.1 Shooting from vehicles has been changed with PUBG update 20.1

In the first case, the fans will need to use a voting coupon to get the opportunity to predict the grand champion of the entire tournament as well as the four teams that will make it to the end of the tournament. Rewards for Pick the Winner are as follows:

  • First Place: 300,000 EP
  • Second Place: 180,000 EP
  • Third Place: 60,000 EP
  • Fourth Place: 30,000 EP

Team Faceoff will be based on fans predicting the winner between rival teams. EP prizes will range from 400 to 7600 EP, depending on the tally weighing.

Voting coupons necessary for participation can be acquired through the PGC 2022-related items in the in-game shop or the drops during the tournament stream.


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