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PUBG Mobile battling a cheater onslaught, Tencent ban thousands a day

Published: 12:01, 29 October 2019
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PUBG Mobile

Even though it's PUBG's little brother, PUBG Mobile still faces the same sorts of problems, with cheaters probably sitting at the top of the pile. Tencent have been banning thousands of cheaters a day, and the results can be felt already.

Naturally, the post didn't come out of the blue and it follows numerous player complaints about the number of cheaters in PUBG Mobile. In fact, Tencent had to come out and lay some myths to rest, because they've threatened to become true in the lack of official reaction. 

"Over the last few months we'vee shut down hundreds of social channels, removed many thousands of videos, dozens of discord servers where hacks are sold, and more. It's incredibly satisfying watching a stream of a cheater in game advertising their wares go dark and realize that their ability to profit from trying to ruin your game is being reduced", they wrote in a Reddit post.

They stressed that PUBG Mobile players who cheat are regularly banned regardless of whether they're paying customers or not. That there are no ban rounds - cheaters being banned around the clock and they come from all over the globe, which is Tencent's attempt to dispell the myth that cheaters have a specific nation they come from. 

PUBG Mobile's development team reminded players that there are no magical solutions to such complex problems. IP banning and various hardware IDs can all be messed with, which would mean honest players would pay the price. 

"It's all theoretical until you get banned because of something a cheater did, and that's something we work to avoid at all costs", the dev wrote, and it's hard to disagree. 

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Some PUBG Mobile players in the comments claim that the results can be felt already, although this is likely to be an ongoing fight. Knowing that Tencent handed out 10-year bans to 5,000 players in the beginning of the month - it's clear that they're not the ones to quit.

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