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PUBG Global Series - Europe qualifier sign-ups are now live

Published: 18:23, 10 January 2020
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PUBG Global Series

PUBG's Global Series sign-ups for 2020 are live in the Europe region. The online open qualifiers will offer up a chance to win a place at PGS Berlin. The top teams from each qualifier round will go on to the Europe Qualifier.

"New year new you" isn't just an episode of "Into the Dark", but also a popular phrase that gets thrown around during the first few weeks of the Earth's latest trip around the Sun.

That "new you" might have made some resolutions and one of those could be that you'll step up your cooking. One way to do that is to toil away in the kitchen for hours on end, the other is to enter a PUBG Esports competition and score some chickens. 

The journey to 2020's PUBG competitive battle royale events will begin very soon, depending on where you live. In the Europe region, online open qualifiers will give you and your team a chance to compete for a place at PGS Berlin, where you’ll face the best players from around the world come April 2020.

There are slots in the qualifier rounds available to all players in Europe West, Europe East, and Middle East & Africa (MEA) regardless of their experience level. You just need to head on over to the official signup page and register to compete. 

Middle East & Africa

Open Qualifier - Starts 17 January - Ends 20 January

Closed Qualifier - Starts 21 January - Ends 26 January

Europe East

Open Qualifier - Starts 18 January - Ends 26 January

Closed Qualifier - Starts 27 January - Ends 2 February

Europe West

Open Qualifier - Starts 27 January - Ends 9 February

Closed Qualifier - Starts 10 February - Ends 16 February

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Teams with most points from each qualifier will earn themselves a slot at the PGS Berlin: Europe Qualifier final that will be taking place live in Berlin from 6 until 8 March 2020. There, you will go head to head with the top teams from other regions and fight for a place at the main event.

PEL and PEL Contenders teams will be invited to join the qualifiers at an advanced stage. PEL Contenders teams will be able to enter their local qualifier event at the Closed Qualifier stage, while PEL teams will receive direct slots at the offline Europe Qualifier final.

Check out the official rulebook for details.

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