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Project Cars 3 will allow you to skip races you don't like

Published: 11:09, 30 June 2020
Project Cars 3 screenshot showing view from cockpit on interlagos track
Project Cars 3

Project Cars 3 does not want to make gamers feel tied down to a specific championship or specific type of car they don't want so that's why it will allow you to skip events you don't like.

It's safe to say that players are not impressed with Slightly Mad Studios Project Cars 3 which appears to be a major departure from the earlier titles in the popular sim racing series. The gameplay that we got to see until now does not look promising to sim racing fans and the latest news about the pit stops, fuel usage and tyre wear left many fans in disbelief, to say the least. 

In the recent interview with PlayStation magazine, Slightly Mad Studios marketing and sports manager Joe Barron and game designer Matt York talked about Project Cars 3, mentioning one specific thing that could raise a few eyebrows within the Project Cars community.

They've mentioned that players will be able to skip certain championships, event or the type of car that is required to race in that certain event. You'll get to spend points to skip these and according to York, this feature has been implemented so players do not feel tied down to these events and cars they dislike.

"All of this [is designed] to make sure that gamers won't feel tied down to a specific championship or a specific type of car while they're progressing," York said.

YouTube Project Cars 3 screenshot showing car race Project Cars 3

Some Project Cars fans would certainly argue that it does not make sense to skip content for which they have already paid for but as long as this is optional it should not matter. 

On the other hand, some may see this as another attempt to bring Project Cars 3 closed to casual players who are not interested in the racing sim side of the game.

Project Cars 3

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Project Cars 3

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