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Project Cars 3 dev explains player progression system

Published: 15:40, 03 August 2020
Slightly Mad Studios
Project Cars 3's vehicle Koenigsegg Jesko
Project Cars 3, Koenigsegg Jesko

Less than a month left until the launch of Project Cars 3, Slightly Mad Studio posted a lengthy explanation of the in-game player progression system and any XP grinding that goes with it.

Slightly Mad has been gunning for a progression system that will be as enticing to newbies as to seasoned Project Cars veterans, which any developer will confirm is an immensely difficult task.

Project Cars 3 basically lets you earn XP doing anything - Career Mode, multiplayer, Breakout Mode, and so on. The latter was especially important for players who don't care about progression and simply want to race others online, so they'll keep their freedom.

"Freedom, though, doesn’t mean you’ll get XP by bashing into other players — driving like a lunatic will actually see your XP go nowhere fast in a hurry! This is key because we want to reward players for their skill and get them to up their driving abilities in-game. Drive cleanly and skilfully, race with less assists on, and your XP rewards will get a boost as a result", the studio wrote. 

Each time you fill your XP level bar - you get a cash reward and unlock more cars in the showroom, which you then unlock with also-earned credits. 

Slightly Mad's progression system means that Project Cars 3's new Career mode has different vehicle requirements. It features 192 events, which totals to more than 40 hours of racing, because you'll need different cars to complete different objectives. 

SMS Project Cars 3 screenshot showing three racing cars Project Cars 3

When it comes to the dev's favourites, Project Cars 3's lead designer Kris Pope singled out the new Rivals mode. It is a leaderboard-based competition that will give the community daily, weekly and monthly challenges to complete. 

At the end of the month, players will receive rewards and ranks based on the total number of Rivals Points, which translates to more XP. 

You can find the post over at PlayStation Blog .

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