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Prey: powers and weapons explored

Published: 18:51, 29 March 2017

Bethesda recently published two videos on their YouTube channel, talking about their upcoming game- Prey. One video listed the weapons available in the game, such as the Gloo Cannon and the Disruptor Stungun. The second video focused more on the human and alien powers the player can acquire.

Yesterday, Bethesda published a trailer showcasing different types of weapons Morgan Yu will use in his or her fight against Typhons - the shapeshifting alien spider nopes. 

Let us now list the weapons seen in the video. First of all, there's our beloved wrench.

The first weapon listed by name in the video, is the Gloo Cannon. Presumably shoots something similar to glue, but misspelled. In the video, it can be seen effectively putting out fires and freezing unsuspecting aliens.

Arkane Studios Prey - Gloo Cannon Prey - Gloo Cannon

Next up we have something called a Lift Field, picking up or lifting, if you will, said unsuspecting alien and smashing it to death. Huntress Boltcaster looks to be some kind of a crossbow which can control the machines' "minds" and send out electrostatic bursts.

Phantom Genesis is seemingly making dead occupants of Talos 1 into disposable minions you can use to fight the aliens. Phantom Shift and Superthermal work in synergy: the former makes a clone or a dummy in your likeness, which the alien starts to attack and when it comes close enough, the latter burns it to a pile of crispy extraterrestrial.

Arkane Studios Prey - Phantom Shift Prey - Phantom Shift

Typhon Lure: you can program it to turn your stove on and cook you eggs, so a hot breakfast waits for you as soon as you get out of bed. What did you think it does?

Disruptor Stungun is a revolver looking weapon with a very self explanatory name. Last up in the weapons department is a Recycler Grenade which turns big scary aliens into colourful little balls of joy, I presume.

Today, Bethesda shared yet another video, this time explaining different powers Morgan Yu can have as well as their pros and cons.

The Neuromod device. The stuff of nightmares. Created by Transtar - the company responsible for building a lab on top of an alien prison and the story itself, the Neuromod is the cringiest, most anxiety inducing video game device in recent memory. It has two needles sticking out of the part where you're supposed to put your eye. The pins go into your eye and "change your brain".

Arkane Studios Prey Prey

Why would anyone wanna do that? Sweet alien turret controlling powers - that's why. You can enhance your human abilities and jump higher, think faster and be able to repair and hack everything, or scan the Typhons and collect their powers.

However, when claiming the aliens' powers for yourself, keep in mind that every new ability makes your character that much more, well, alien.

But have you seen the Mimic ability? You can turn into a turret and shoot the aliens that way. Or, you can turn into a coffee mug and Chip your way through some small openings. Dope stuff.

Prey comes out 05 May, 2017, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Arkane Studios Prey Prey

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