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Online retailer lists Prey VR for PlayStation VR

Published: 10:53, 01 June 2020

It looks like Prey could get a full VR version for PlayStation VR pretty soon. The game was available for pre-order on online retailer shopto but was quickly removed from the shop.

Bethesda and Arkane Studios may have a big project set for announcement pretty soon. If the latest listing over at online retailer shopto is true, Prey VR game could be in the works. The listing has, which has been quickly deleted included a PS4 casing with a simple black cover and Prey VR title. 

Of course, this is just a placeholder but interestingly, the product is set as available for pre-order with a note that a release date is yet to be revealed. Now, since the listing has been removed from the page, it is entirely possible that there is nothing to speculate about here and that it was just a mistake. Also, it may be an older listing, for one of the VR DLCs that Prey received after its launch.

That being said, it would not surprise us at all if Bethesda and Arkane are indeed working on a Prey VR project. The publisher spent a lot of time talking about VR for Prey so a full-fledged VR game or even a 2017's Prey in VR is not out of the question.

Bethesda and Arkane are yet to comment on this but if the game is indeed in development, it probably won't be long before we get an official announcement.

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