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Rumour: Arkane Studios' next game is an open world immersive sim inspired by Prey 2

Published: 12:06, 01 July 2020
artwork showing arkane studios logo and prey key art
Arkane Studios' new game is apparently inspired by the Prey 2 concept

According to the latest rumour over at 4chan, Arkane Studios Austin are working on an open-world immersive sim, inspired by cancelled Prey 2 project. Apparently, the game is set to release in 2022 for PC and next-gen consoles.

Cancelled Prey 2 game, which was revealed at E3 2011 could be an inspiration for Arkane Studios' new, yet unannounced project. This is according to rumours over at 4chan ( Thanks, Reddit ) where an anonymous user posted several, exciting details about the unnamed game. 

Before we dive into the details, we suggest you take everything you are about to read with a dose of scepticism since it's coming from 4chan, which is not exactly the most reliable place for insider info. That being said, some 4chan rumours have turned out to be true so without further ado, here are the details:

  • Arkane Studios Austin are working on the game
  • The game is inspired by Prey 2 concept but it's not a sequel to 2017's Prey. It's a brand new IP
  • Immersive sim set in an open-world futuristic city with Corcusant vibe
  • Features the classic intricate level design of Arkane but on much a bigger scale
  • Players will have different targets to take down
  • You can approach them in the order you want similar to Dishonored
  • Filling up these contracts grants you money that can be used to acquire skills
  • There are skills in tech/hacking or in "space magic" and you can mix and match like in Prey
  • Full pre-production started after Prey Mooncrash DLC
  • Arkane Studios work in collaboration with Roundhouse Studios
  • Roundhouse is made of former Human Head Studios staff that worked on Prey 2
  • Target release date is 2022
  • Coming to PC and next-gen

Arkane Prey Prey

Now to unpack this rumour, we know that the upcoming Deathloop is developed by Arkane Lyon while Austin studio is on a completely different and unannounced project (thanks, Spy_Team). Earlier rumours also suggested that Roundhouse Studios are assisting Bethesda Game Studios with Starfield so it's possible they are also helping Arkane.

As always, until we get an official confirmation, these are just rumours, speculation and it's entirely possible that everything you've just read is fake. However, many Prey fans certainly would not mind if the rumour is legit since they have been craving for a similar game ever since Bethesda cancelled the sequel in 2014.

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