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Prey DLC release date teased, still no official confirmation

Published: 12:18, 16 March 2018
Updated: 13:42, 16 March 2018
Promotional in-game image for Prey showing scientists and test chamber

Why announce when you can tease, right? Bethesda are dropping hints about the upcoming Prey DLC left and right, and Arkane Studio are quite happy to help the hype take its merry course. Here is what teasing looks like in Italian.

What do photosynthesis, nudism and PR have in common? A heavy reliance on exposure. Bethesda and Arkane Studios are no stranger to this fundamental truth, so brace your eye-balls for a lot more teasing in preparation for the official announcement that Prey is set to receive its first bit of DLC.

We've already reported on the first tease a while back, which at Luna as the stage for the still unnamed DLC.

IVGA Raphael Colantonio & Ricardo Bare accepting the Italian Video Game Award Arkane Studio - Raphael Colantonio & Ricardo Bare

Italian tech and gaming site were to point us in the direction of another bit that happened during the Italian Gaming Oscars, The Italian Video Game Awards. Ricardo Bare, the Lead Designer on Prey accepted the award for best narrative and said that they are hard at work on something that they are hoping to be able to share soon.

AltChar's manual on all things proper and holy teaches us that teasing is still a lot more honourable than pretending information is being leaked in a more indirect manner. So, hats off to Bethesda and Arkane for not stooping to the lowest of PR lows a lot of publishers favour lately.

As with most endeavours Twitter-tease related, Arkane's staff have taken a group photo of themselves with a probable release date for the DLC scribbled on a whiteboard in the background. The official release is probably "06.10.18", and some of the Arkane employees are carrying the burden of additional hints, close to cementing the release date as 10 June 2018.

What Morgan Yu could possibly be up to on the moon will be revealed any time now. Please remember to keep your hype hat out of reach until we know more.

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