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PokeStops getting updated with high resolution photos

Published: 13:26, 03 April 2017
Updated: 13:29, 03 April 2017
Pokemon Go

Photos of PokeStops and Ingress portals have been updated to feature high resolution images captured by Ingress players.

PokeStops are being updated left and right with new, high resolution, photos sent in by Ingress players. From the looks of it, seems like the update is happening all over the world, and photos of the portals from Ingress and PokeStops from Pokemon Go are being updated to a higher quality resolution.

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The highest level Pokemonm Go player in Croatia, nickname Rdash123, has been taking some high resolution photos while playing Ingress, and sending them to Niantic. Today, it was confirmed that Niantic accepted a lot of his photos and added them to Ingress and Pokemon Go.

The update, however, didn't focus solely on the photos. Also updated were the PokeStops descriptions and names.

Niantic developed Ingress before they built Pokémon Go, and the Go was buit on the foundations of Ingress, by adding game game related names and creatures.

Ingress - the Pokemon Go's predecessor was released for Android and in November of 2012, and for iOS in July of 2014. The game is considered to be a location based game (just like Pokemon Go) which features elements of exercise built right into the mechanics.

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Instead of battles between individual players, Ingress focuses on the war between two warring factions. There is no damage to be dulled out in the game. The only "damage" is a brief depletion of XM "the power that fuels all actions except movement and communication". The gameplay is all about capturing certain checkpoints called "portals". The portals can be found near some real-life significant buildings and must be linked into triangles called "control fields".

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