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Pokemon GO's July Community Day gets date and details

Published: 17:56, 13 July 2020
Niantic Labs
Pokemon GO, July 2020 poster
Pokemon GO, July 2020

Niantic have set the date for Pokemon GO's July Community Day and it will go down on July 19, 2020, with the extended time format, not unlike the past few Community Days.

If you happen to be new to Pokemon GO, even though we don't see the game grabbing too many new fans in this recent pandemic-influenced period, Community Days let you encounter special Pokemon in the wild for a few hours, during which you can learn new moves and snag some bonuses while you're at it. 

Speaking of the 'few hours' timing, Niantic extended it so that it takes 6 hours, and 11:00am to 5:00pm should be enough to grab July's Community Day Pokemon Gastly. During the event, Gastly will be ghosting in and out of the wild more than usual, and if you're particularly lucky, you may even catch a shiny version. 

Niantic announced July Community Day's exclusive move to be Shadow Punch, which is for Gengar only, so if you manage to evolve Gastly into Gengar by 7pm, he'll be punching like there's no tomorrow. 

Note that Fast and Charged TMs don't grant exclusive moves on Community Days, so learning them requires catching and/or evolving Pokemon within the given hours.  

On top of that, Pokemon GO players are getting the usual bonuses like a quarter of the required egg hatch distance and 3-hour incense instead of the 30-minute regular ones. 

Niantic Labs Pokemon GO, July 2020 Community Day poster Pokemon GO, July 2020 Community Day

Niantic have made some changes to this year's Pokemon GO Fest 2020, which can be played from anywhere this time around. The company reacted to the global pandemic concerns and will be delivering it as a "reimagined two-day" experience. 

You can learn more about Pokemon GO Fest 2020 here .

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