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Pokemon GO's mythical Pokemon Deoxys heading to EX raids

Published: 19:15, 20 September 2018
Updated: 19:18, 20 September 2018
Deoxys, mythical Pokemon from Hoenn region
Pokemon GO, Deoxys

Niantic are getting ready to shake up their EX raid battle game with Deoxys, psychic-type mythical Pokemon who will be taking up the mantle from Mewtwo. As planned, Mewtwo is heading for regular raid battles as we're writing this piece.

Deoxys is a mythical Pokemon discovered in the Hoenn region and you'll be able to challenge it once the next cycle of EX raid invitations starts. Trainers will be able to have a go at its normal forme, at least for the time being. It's likely that its attack, defense and speed formes will follow at a later date but first things first. 

Niantic also revealed a few upcoming changes, the first of which is trainers becoming eligible for EX raid passes after winning raid battles at qualifying gyms. You'll now be able to tell whether a gym can host EX raids via the tag in a gym's details section.

Pokemon GO's EX raid passes will provide you with the exact timing on when you can take on Deoxys, so you can get your affairs in order. You know, just in case you have a life and all that other semi-relevant real world stuff.

To further spice things up, Niantic revealed that should you receive an EX raid pass, you'll be able to invite one Pokemon GO buddy along for the ride. Note however that these invites can only be sent to ultra friends or best friends, so if you have 'em, great. If not, you better get busy on building up those friendship levels.

As , Mewtwo is heading for regular raid battles as we speak, since its exact timing is 20 September 1:00pm PDT / 9:00pm CET. The hunt will last until the same time on 23 October 2018, so we guess there's no need to rush it.

Niantic Pokemon GO's September Raid Battle pokemon Pokemon GO

Niantic's Pokemon GO week in South Korea is ongoing and other than increased Pokemon activity in the country, trainers can look forward to seeing the likes of Feebas and Trapinch from 21-23 September. Moreover, those who visit Lotte World Mall will catch glimpses of Pokemon not normally seen in Korea, such as Tropius and Unow, so happy hunting.

You can find Niantic official announcement of Deoxys .

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