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Pokemon GO Global Challenge will let you have a go at Moltres

Published: 08:39, 31 August 2018
Pokemon GO legendary flying Pokemon Moltres
Pokemon GO, Moltres

Pokemon GO Summer Tour 2018's final event is the Safari Zone in Japan although the event will feature a Global Events for the entire globe, letting trainers unlock all sorts of rewards, including a crack at legendary Pokemon Moltres.

So, the last round of Professor Willow's Global Challenge happens on 01 and 02 September 2018 in Yokosuka, Japan. If you're not in the mood for hopping a quick plane to Japan though, Niantic have got you covered as there will be Global Challenges to complete for all regions.

Completing challenge requirements practically anywhere across the globe unlocks bonus Stardust for catching Pokemon and hatching eggs. Niantic said on their website that this includes a guaranteed 3,000 Stardust for every raid, starting on 03 September 2018 at 1:00pm PDT.

In case you crave more, Niantic ensured that trainers can unlock bonuses to earn Star Pieces that will last for one hour. Note that this offer is on the table until 10 September 2018 at 1:00pm PDT.

Completing the Global Challenge, however, grants trainers up to five free Raid Passes for Moltres Day, featuring the Legendary flying Pokemon Moltres. Moltres will only be available for a three hour period on 08 September 2018, so you may want to plan accordingly.

This time around, Moltres will be busting the Flying-type move Sky Attack and Niantic obviously threw in a Shiny Moltres as well. Of course, catching a Shiny Moltres will require a healthy dose of assistance from Lady Luck, which is not a Pokemon mind you, so we can only wish you the best in that respect.

The Safari Zone is Yokosuka, Japan, is the final event of Pokemon GO Summer Tour 2018, which previously featured the Safari Zone event in Dortmund, Germany and the Pokemon GO Fest 2018 in Chicago. We've had an uptake of Swablu in Roselia in Dortmund while Chicago gave us a crack at Celebi.

Niantic Schedule for Niantic's Pokemon GO Summer Tour 2018 Pokemon GO Summer Tour 2018

As usual, Niantic won't be short of new challenges for trainers after the Pokemon GO Summer Tour 2018 finishes, but first things first.

You can find the official announcement .

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