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Pokemon GO research might lead you to a new Mythical monster - Mew

Published: 18:15, 26 March 2018
New Pokemon GO image shows the new Mythical Pokemon - Mew.
Pokemon GO

New Field Research and Special Research features are introducing new ways for trainers to earn in game rewards and catch Pokemon. Mew is one such Psychic class Pokemon and he will start appearing soon, all across the world.

There are two different types of research Professor willow will be asking players to conduct - Field Research and Special Research. Field Research tasks can be gathered by spinning your nearby PokeStops and they will involve missions to go and capture a specific type of Pokemon or engage in specific battles, and a few other undisclosed tasks.

Special Research can be acquired directly from Professor Willow and as the official page states, it ''will take you on a journey to make important discoveries''. Both of these features should be introduced ''later this week'' and will have different rewards assigned to them, chief amongst them being the ability to find Mew, the new Mythical Psychic-type Pokemon.

Niantic Pokemon Mew is floating around, being the pink inside-out cat that he is. Pokemon GO - Mew

Now, the missions to hunt down the Mythical Pokemon won't be as simple as ''go and catch it'', but it unlock access to new unique storylines that will eventually lead you to discoved the mystery behind Mew. The entire description sounds like there will be a lot of walking involved so let's hope you've been working on your cardio.

Multiple Field Research tasks can be completed each day, with the harder ones offering better rewards. Completing one Field Research task in a day will make you eligible for earning one stamp per day. When you have seven stamps, you can achieve a Research Breakthrough for even better rewards, including a possible encounter with a Legendary Pokemon.

Niantic FireRed, LeafGreen Trainer Outfits in Pokemon GO for Pokemon Day Pokemon GO - FireRed, LeafGreen Trainer Outfits

Pokemon GO's official blog mentions that the challenges presented before the players will help them get better ''at discovering, battling and catching Pokemon'' which sounds a lot like a training drill or could be a simple PR statement. Either way, we will keep an eye on things as they unfold and will post any updates that happen over the next few days.

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