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Pokemon Go raids get adjusted for remote play

Published: 19:45, 15 April 2020
Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Niantic have released an update that will affect the way the raids are played since the players will no longer need to be at the exact location and will be able to perform just as well, for a time.

Pokemon Go is getting heavily discounted Remote Raid Pass feature that will be going on for a while, given the Covid-19 pandemic situation. This pass will let players participate in a raid while staying safe at home.

These can be found in the 1 PokeCoin bundle that is coming soon to the shop. Furthermore, players will be able to buy Remote Raid Passes individually at the price of 100 PokeCoins but this will become more expensive later on as this is just the promotional price meant to help players stay home.

After acquiring a pass, the players will be able to participate in raid battles on the Nearby screen, regardless of where they are. Initially, the players will have the same attack power as the trainers who are present at the raid's location but this will change after a while, with the remote trainers losing some attack power. Therefore, the trainers at the location will be more powerful.

Another hitch is that there will be a limited number of trainers who will be able to join a single raid, with further adjustments being added over time. Other features that Niantic are looking into are the ability to invite friends to raids regardless of their location and the aforementioned attack power alterations.

The Pokemon Company Pokemon Go - Latias and Latios Pokemon Go - Latias and Latios

Furthermore, Field Research tasks will be received daily without having to spin a PokeStop, removing another need to go outside. On top of that, the Buddy Pokemon will be able to go to nearby PokeStops and bring gifts back to the players, enabling them to send these packages to their friends.

You can check out the full list of changes on the official website .

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