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Pokemon GO - Pokestop Distance Changes are not permanent

Published: 07:59, 19 October 2020
Pokemon GO - Pokestop
Pokemon GO - Pokestop

Niantic has revoked their previously made statement that changes to Pokestop Distance are permanent. "It was a mistake on our part that we categorized it as a permanent change".

Reddit users are a passionate bunch. One of them, who goes by the name of mgaguilar has recently uncovered that Niantic has revoked its earlier statement that the distance required so you can interact with Pokestops will not be a permanent addition.

The range will revert back to the original distance but that won't happen any time soon.

The post in question has amassed more than 4300 upvotes and 888 comments since it went live just three days ago. People have some opinions.

Here's the thing: Niantic first announced that while some changes they've made to a couple of bonuses (ie. hatching distance reduction) would return to normal, and that some, such as Pokestop Distance are here to stay. 

Niantic Pokemon GO - Pokestop Distance changes Pokemon GO - Pokestop Distance changes

These changes have been made as part of the Quality of Life improvements brought on by the current pandemic, but there was no word on what will happen after this is all behind us. 

There was an official comment from Niantic on the subject which stated: 

"Hi all, sorry for this! It was a mistake on our part that we categorized it as a permanent change on this page before. We changed it so it’s now correctly in line with our previous blog post. Nothing has changed for our plans with this bonus. That being said, we’re reading through the comments here and making sure your feedback is heard by our team."

Thank you, Pokemon GO Hub .

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