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Pokemon Go player caught one million Pokemon

Published: 12:42, 20 November 2019
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Japanese Pokemon Go player going by the name Kyarorina showed extreme dedication in Pokemon Go. His long efforts resulted in the player catching her one-millionth Pokemon recently.

There is the regular dedication and then there is Kyarorina's dedication to Pokemon Go. Almost three and a half years after the global phenomenon's release date, a POGO player managed to catch one million creatures. Let that sink in for a moment.

Kyarorina's monumental success happened on 19 November 2019 when he reached the magic number in caught Pokemon. Such a milestone didn't come through regular play and obviously not in a casual manner.

According to the maths on the that revealed the successful Pokemon-catching marathon, this endeavour meant catching 800 Pokemon a day and trading 100 of them during the period. What is probably the most impressive part of the journey is that Kyarorina did all this while maintaining a daytime job.

The effort was somewhat made easier by the nature of Kinshicho Station in Tokyo, where players keep popping Glacial Lure modules all the time in order to get as many easily-caught Pokemon in the area as possible. According to , this can result in up to 200 caught Pokemon per player in as little as an hour.

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Still, even when capturing 200 of them per hour, it would take four hours each day to hit the cap, not counting the trading time. For anyone that may wonder, during the years-long journey, which is equal to walking over more than half the Earth's circumference. In other words, it's roughly the same as if the player walked from and back.

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