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Pokemon Go offers more Pokeballs to stay at home

Published: 14:07, 24 March 2020
Pokemon Go - Poke Balls
Pokemon Go - Poke Balls

Niantic are responding to the Pokemon Go players' concerns over the lack of Poke Balls by showering everyone with them. The team didn't stop there and decided to offer a ton of other goodies to entice players to stay at home.

Coronavirus prompting everyone to stay at home did not change much for some gamers but those who like Pokemon Go saw some issues as their movement was limited. In order to help the players all over the world, Niantic already dropped some necessities for them in order to uphold social distancing but they are now expanding these efforts .

One of the emerging problems was the lack of Poke Balls though and the team addressed this issue as well. Until 30 March 2020, POGO players can go to the in-game store and purchase a bundle that contains 100 Poke Balls. The best part is that this bundle is priced at just one PokeCoin. Therefore, everyone can really get the bundle as one PokeCoin is not hard to come by.

It appears that this will be a continuous system that will let Niantic drop necessities for the players as they noted that these bundles will be rotating each week and will contain different items. In order to prevent hoarding at the price of next to nothing, these bundles will be one-time purchases.

On top of that, there are several other bonuses that will last until further notice. First Pokemon catch of the day will yield triple Stardust and experience. Star Piece and Lucky Egg will work in conjunction with this bonus so make sure you activate them.

Pokemon GO Gen 3

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Pokemon GO - Bagon
Pokemon GO Gen 3

Players can now open up to 30 gifts and the number of gifts that can be carried in players' inventory is increased to 20. Besides the aforementioned Poke Ball bundle, the gifts will drop them more often so shortages shouldn't be happening anytime soon.

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