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Pokemon Go June Community Day start date and time revealed

Published: 00:17, 23 May 2019
Picture of a Slakoth in Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO - Slakoth

Niantic have announced that Pokemon Go's next Community Day event will take place on Saturday, 8 June 2019. The featured Pokemon will be Slakoth, players will get the usual bonuses and kick off based on your local time, as per usual.

Slakoth will get increased spawns, come 8 June 2019. The Community Day event will kick off at 15:00 local time and will go on for three plus one hours. The actual event lasts for three hours but players will get an additional hour to try and fully evolve their Slakoth in order to get that exclusive move.

Niantic didn't reveal what the exclusive move will be, as per usual. It will be revealed at some point leading up to the June Community Day.

As we already stated, Slakoth is the featured Pokemon this time around and lucky players should be able to find the Shiny version of the sloth. It will be recognizable by the pink colour of its fur. The evolutions Vigoroth and Slaking will also have different colour schemes.

Vigoroth will be yellow instead of the usual white and Slaking will have darker fur with yellow hair instead of white.

Just like always, lures will last for three hours and the eggs will hatch at a quarter of the regular distance. 

Considering that Slaking has only one fast move, Yawn, that regenerates energy and deals no damage, the Pokemon's high stats don't represent it will. It can only deal damage during the Charge move windows. 

Niantic Pikachu the electric type pokemon Pokemon GO trailer screenshot

This means that the exclusive move could potentially be an absolute game-changer, should Niantic give Slaking a proper fast move that could actually deal damage.

Since this particular Pokemon was initially nerfed to remove its fast moves on top of the Pokemon clearly resembling a sloth that is anything but quick, it may not be realistic to expect such a move but one can dream. 

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