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Pokemon Go will host a special first generation event soon

Published: 13:05, 09 April 2018
Pokemon Go

Pokemon trainers will be back in the Kanto region for Niantic's next special event. A newsletter revealed the certainty of the event, following the previous Earth Cleanup event was sent out to certain players for them to share with friends.

Pokemon GO has yet another event in the pipeline for this week. After the previous Earth Cleanup event announcement which will happen on 22 April, players will also be getting an announcement of a different date for a new event. The true date of the event will be revealed within the next two days.

The team has announced through an e-mail newsletter that the next event will be revealed on 10 April 2018, and will focus more on the Kanto region, or simply put, the first generation of Pokemon which were released with the game back in 2016.

Niantic Pokemon Go Pokemon Go

The event will no doubt be including a special raid unlike the recent legendary raids and will most likely be located in heavily crowded populated areas. Since all the Kanto Pokemon have already been released, we can expect no new releases in terms of more Pokemon. What is speculated is the appearance of the legendary birds from the first generation.

The AR game has been slowly climbing up to it's popularity from last year as the team continues to support it with new content. Recently they added the Field Research and Weather updates which give some much needed flare to the game.

Niantic Three different weather conditions in Pokemon GO Pokemon GO - dynamic weather system

Not all Generation One Pokemon were released when the game launched, but were subsequently added during the following months. This delayed release of content was either planned by Niantic or an accident following issues the game had on launch.

Pokemon GO is an Augmented Reality video game for Android and iOS devices. It requires players to traverse the real world in order to catch Pokemon and make actual friends with the people around them who may or may not be playing the game. It's free to play on Android's Play Store and Apple's App Store.

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