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Niantic announce Limited Research Day featuring Clamperl

Published: 11:37, 20 February 2019
Star of Pokemon GO's February Limited Research, Clamperl
Pokemon GO, Clamperl

Following the less-than-stellar Limited Research Day in January, the one that featured Feebas, Niantic have announced that the February 2019 Pokemon GO Limited Research day will be featuring water-type, third generation Pokemon Clamperl.

So, Pokemon GO trainers can get a hold of Clamperl and a few others starting on 23 or 24 February, depending on where you're at. By the way, this is its debut in Pokemon GO, so you may not want to miss it.

Niantic wrote that "while you're completing research, keep an eye out for other Water-type Pokemon, such as Krabby and Wailmer!" You can check out the exact times below:

  •     Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India: 23 February 2019, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm UTC (GMT +0)
  •     The Americas and Greenland: 23 February 2019, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm PST (GMT −8)
  •     Asia-Pacific: 24 February 2019, from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 pm JST (GMT +9)

Niantic have promised double the catch stardust for "this tough-shelled Bivalve Pokemon", who will, of course, be appearing more often in the wild in the given time frame. 

Peculiarly enough, Pokemon GO's developer didn't say anything about shinies or evolutions, so we're pretty much left guessing here. Clamperl evolves into Huntail and Gorebyss and while we hear that these evolutions may end up being random, we can't confirm it at the moment.

Just like around, Pokemon GO trainers will get field research tasks by spinning photodiscs at PokeStops, where completing them earns you Clamperl encounters. 

Niantic advised trainers that exploring is crucial as Clamperl "might clam up during" the event, adding that "as long as you’ve collected the Limited Research during the event window, you can complete it at any time."

Niantic Feebas, water-type Pokemon from Pokemon GO Pokemon GO, Feebas

That being said, Limited Research seems to have been a bit too limited last time, as many trainers of too many tedious tasks in too short a time frame. Well, as long as they're not  , we guess.

You can find Niantic's Limited Research Day announcement .

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