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Pokemon Go Fest gets spiced up with more Ultra Beasts

Published: 16:15, 23 June 2022
Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Fest is getting a bit more content and it's still not too late to join in on the fun. Ultra Beasts just did.

Ultra Beasts are mysterious Pokemon that occasionally pop up in Pokemon Go . Nihilego made an appearance during the Pokemon Go Fest already but a few more are coming, depending on your location.

Berlin will get to see Pheromosa, Seattle will be visited by Buzzwole and Sapporo will have Xurkitree. Following the initial appearance during the POGO Fest events, all of them will appear around the globe during the Season of GO.

The lucky trainers who get to participate in the localised POGO festivities will be able to add the Ultra Beasts to their menagerie by using specialised Poke Balls, called the Beast Balls. They can be acquired through Special Research during the in-person events and will probably be obtainable in a different way once the Ultra Beasts go global.

In case you didn't purchase a ticket, they are still on sale but they are limited for some reason, despite being digital. In any case, tickets can be purchased for only one day of each event so make sure you grab the one when the Pokemon you like are featured.

Additionally, all the ticket holders will get access to the finale which will happen on August 27, 2022.

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