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Pokemon Go - February Community Day Pokemon revealed

Published: 15:59, 04 February 2020
Pokemon Go Community Day Pokemon - Rhyhorn
Pokemon Go Community Day

Trainers of the world cast their votes and now the featured Pokemon for the upcoming February Community day has been revealed. The Trainers chose between Vulpix, Machop, Rhyhorn and Dratini. The next Community Day will be held on 22 February 2020.

Pokemon Go's next Community Day is on the horizon and this one will be really special as it will feature the Pokemon chosen by the community itself - Rhyhorn. The have been cast and now it's time to prepare to catch the Shiny Rhyhorn.

During the February Community Day that will take place on Saturday, 22 February 2020, you can evolve Rhyhorn into Rhyperior for the exclusive attack Rock Wrecker. The lucky trainers will even get a chance to capture a Shiny Rhyhorn out there in the wild.

The featured bonus will be 3× Catch Stardust. Per an earlier update, Community Day for Trainers in the northern hemisphere will run from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time, while in the southern hemisphere, the event will take place from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. local time.

The Pokemon Go team will evaluate the ongoing experiment of voting for the featured Pokemon and take any insights into account when they start getting ready to launch the next Community Day.

Pokemon GO Gen 3

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Pokemon GO - Bagon
Pokemon GO Gen 3

Players' options for February Community Day included:

  • Vulpix: Vulpix as originally discovered in the Kanto region will be appearing in the wild and in Eggs. Alolan Vulpix will be appearing in Field Research and Raid Battles. Evolve Vulpix or Alolan Vulpix into Ninetales or Alolan Ninetales for the Charged Attack Weather Ball. Ninetales will learn Fire-type Weather Ball, and Alolan Ninetales will learn Ice-type Weather Ball—attacks previously exclusive to Castform. Shiny Vulpix as originally discovered in the Kanto region will become available for the first time in Pokemon Go.
  • Machop: Evolve Machop into Machamp for the exclusive attack Payback. This Dark-type Charged Attack will give Machamp good coverage to deal with Psychic- and Ghost-type Pokemon that might otherwise give it trouble.
  • Rhyhorn: Evolve Rhyhorn into Rhyperior for the exclusive attack Rock Wrecker. Known to be Rhyperior’s signature move, this Rock-type Charged Attack will be a powerful addition to Rhyperior’s repertoire. Shiny Rhyhorn will also become available to encounter for the first time in Pokemon Go.
  • Dratini: Evolve Dratini into Dragonite for the Charged Attack Superpower. This powerful Fighting-type attack is a recent addition to Pokemon Go and could be a strategic option for Dragonite. For example, it could help Dragonite against Ice- and Rock-type Pokémon that would normally have an advantage over it. Superpower could also help Dragonite deal with Steel-type Pokémon that are weak to Fighting-type attacks.

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