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Pokemon Go exceeds 752 million downloads

Published: 14:53, 03 July 2017
Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is celebrating its first anniversary soon. The game has been downloaded 752 million times since it launched, and it made £926 million in revenue during the last year.

Pokemon Go has now been downloaded more than 752 million times. That number takes into consideration every download completed since the game launched last year. The app has also raked in £926 million in revenue so far. At the end of 2016 that number was around £733 million.

The statistic also shows that about 60 million players logged on to play in June alone, and 20 percent of them launched the game at least once a day. Pokemon Go reached its peak number of monthly users - 100 million, in August 2016. The statistics on who plays Pokemon Go are also available: 57.4 percent of the game’s players are male, while 38 percent are aged between 19 to 34. Additionally, 32.5 percent of its users are 18 or younger.

Niantic Pokemon Go Pokemon Go

The new update and the addition of Legendary Pokemon to the mix is sure to make these numbers spike a little bit during the next couple of months. We still have the anniversary event to look forward to.

Pokemon Go launched last year on 06 July. The app quickly became a . The latest launched on 23 June and brought with it .

On 29 June, became available for "Trainers, Level 5 and above". Initially, the Battles have only been available for Trainers level 35 and higher, but that cap was lowered every couple of days. 

After defeating the Raid Boss, you can get Golden Razz Berries, Fast and Charged TM, and Rare Candy. You'll also receive some Premier Balls and you can use those to catch the Pokemon you have just defeated. Soon, Dark Raid Eggs will begin to appear above Gyms, and they will contain Legendary Pokemon that you'll be able to fight using the Legendary Raid Pass.

All statistics according to  .

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