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Pokemon GO - EX Raid Battles have officially launched

Published: 12:49, 22 November 2017
EX Raid logo: Mewtwo standing next to a Pokemon GO logo
Pokemon GO - Mewtwo

Pokemon GO was recently updated to version 0.83.1 for Android and 1.53.2 for iOS devices. EX Raid Battles have left the "field test" stage. The standard Raid Battles have been updated as well.

Pokemon GO's official web page announced that the game "is in the process of being updated to version 0.83.1 for Android and 1.53.2 for iOS devices". The update will add support and resolution optimisations for the iPhone X, while removing support for devices running iOS 8.

The patch notes look something like this:

  • Added support and made optimizations for the iPhone X screen resolution.
  • Removed support for devices running iOS 8.
  • Resolved a bug causing error banners to remain visible until the app is restarted.
  • Resolved a bug that prevented Trainers from powering up Pokemon to their max CP.
  • Improved load times when you open the app.
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates.

Picture of a Pokemon Go festival Pokemon GO Pokemon GO

In other Pokemon GO news, some fresh changes are in store for the Raid Battles. First up, the new EX Raid Battles. Going forward, these Raids will usually take place at Gyms found in parks and sponsored locations. You have an increased chance of getting invited to an EX Raid Battle is you have a a high-level Gym Badge or have completed a larger number of Raid Battles.

EX Raid Start times will adopt the popular Raid Battle times of a given Gym. If you are invited to an EX Raid Battle which gets cancelled, you'll get an in-game notification, some Stardust and Premium Raid Passes.

"With the implementation of these features, we’ll be removing the field-test label and considering this the official launch of the EX Raid Battle feature" adds a developer comment.

Niantic Pokemon Go Pokemon Go

Next up are the "old" Raid Battles. Trainers who complete the standard Raid Battles will be given Golden Razz Berries, and Stardust will be given out to everyone regardless of the outcome. 

Magikarp will return to Tier one Battles and the likelihood of receiving Fast and Charged Technical Machines for completing a Tier three or a higher Raid Battle has increased. And lastly, the numbers of Potions and Revives awarded to Trainers for completing a Raid Battle will decrease slightly, but the quality of Potions will increase.

"These improvements will not require you to update your app, but they will impact your gameplay" says  .

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