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Pokemon Go Entei Raid Day date and start time announced

Published: 12:26, 10 July 2019
Picture of Entei from Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go - Entei

Pokemon Go fest in Dortmund saw a lot of success as the community completed all the challenges which resulted in unlocking the Raid Day event, featuring Fire-type Entei. It will kick off on Sunday, 14 July 2019 and have some nifty bonuses.

Pokemon Go Fest in Dortmund proved to be much more of a success than a certain event held in Chicago, Illinois a while back. The community in the German city managed to complete all the challenges Niantic set before them, which resulted in an additional event - a Raid Day with Entei.

The Raid Day will follow a similar pattern of rules established by Community Day events. It will start on 14 July 2019 at 4:00 PM local time so don't worry about adjusting your clock to remind you of the impending Sunday activities.

The event will go on for three hours, just like a Community Day and it will have several bonuses attached to it. Five free raid passes will be given out to trainers interested in participating and Shiny Entei will be available to the lucky ones. This version will drop at around five per cent rate.

Furthermore, raids featuring Entei will offer double raid experience and triple catch experience. Hatch experience will be doubled and there will be .

Those who are not content with a simple Raid Day event may rejoice in the fact that it will overlap with the Armour Mewtwo event that is already underway and will conclude on 31 July 2019.

Therefore, all the egg blocked gyms will spawn the previous boss first and then an Entei afterwards. This means you will most likely cross paths with Armoured Mewtwo while trying to get to Entei itself.

Niantic Picture of Mudkip the featured Pokemon for July 2019 Community Day Pokemon GO

On the other hand, Niantic scheduled July events properly so Raid Day and will not coincide since the latter takes place one week later, on 21 July 2019. This is also good news for eager trainers since they will have back-to-back weekend events.

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