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Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza

Published: 15:20, 13 April 2017
Pokemon GO - Eggstravaganza

Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza starts today at 8 PM GMT, and ends on 20 April. During the event, the players will earn double XP, hatch more rare Pokemon from the 2 km eggs and receive additional Candy for every Pokemon hatched.

Ever since the Water Festival ended, people have been speculating on what the next in - game event will be. Easter was the most obvious choice of all, and, lo and behold, Niantic announced their Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza today.

During the event, the players will receive double experience points, a more diverse pool of Pokemon will be hatchable from the 2 kilometre Eggs, and every Egg hatched will grant you additional Candy. See? Niantic knows what Easter is all about. Candy.

Niantic Pokemon GO Pokemon GO

While on the subject of Eggs, the Lucky ones will be at a 50 percent discount at the in - game shop during the event so you can double up your already double experience. 

Experience points will be given for in - game actions such as hatching eggs, catching Pokemon, and spinning PokeStops. If you do all this in the thirty minutes the Lucky Egg is active, you'll level up in no time. Not to mention that widened variety of the Pokemon hatching from the 2 kilometre eggs deal, which means you can hatch a rare Pokemon from a 2 km egg.

Niantic Pokemon GO Pokemon GO

This is the first event to hit Pokemon Go since the Water Festival, and that one brought with it a shiny Magikarp. Maybe this event will unleash another shiny monster into the wild. Maybe even a Legendary, since the guys from Niantic said that the Legendary Pokemon will be making an appearance in the augmented reality of the game "before the end of 2017".

Eggstravaganza is set to start today at 8 PM GMT and run up until 20 April. Find the original announcement .

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