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Pokemon GO - Daily Pokemon encounters and Daily Free Boxes incoming

Published: 12:18, 19 June 2020
Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

Some of the Trainers in Pokemon GO will soon get to test a couple of new features: daily guaranteed Pokemon encounters and Daily Free Boxes in the shop.

Pokemon GO's devs will be testing some new features in the coming months. The two upcoming features are daily guaranteed Pokemon encounters and Daily Free Boxes. 

Daily guaranteed Pokemon encounters

A small group of Trainers will soon get a special visit from Professor Willow. If you're a part of the test, the good Professor will inform you that there's a new kind of Incense he's been working on.

The new Incense won't appear in your item bag but it will be active after Professor Willow presents it to you. The Incense will attract one random Pokemon once a day. The Pokemon will appear only to you and you'll probably want to check back each day to see which Pokeom pops up next.

Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

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Pokemon GO - Castform
Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

Daily Free Boxes in the shop

A limited group of Trainers will soon be able to receive a free box of items every day. The Trainers who are part of the test will see a notification on the Shop button when a Daily Free Box is available. 

To get your Daily Free Box, just go to the shop and claim the box in the Free section. The box will contain different items each time you claim it.

These features will be rolled out to more and more Trainers slowly over the coming months.

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